A Novel Method for the Evaluation of the Long-Term Stability of Cream Formulations Containing Natural Oils

  title={A Novel Method for the Evaluation of the Long-Term Stability of Cream Formulations Containing Natural Oils},
  author={Deborah Adefunke Adejokun and Kalliopi Dodou},
This aim of this study is to prepare four novel oil-in-water creams from 100% naturally sourced oil ingredients such as jojoba, baobab and coconut oil, and compare the effect of the oils on the physico-chemical properties of the creams and their short- and long-term stability. Four 100 g each oil-in-water active containing creams and their controls (without the active ingredient) were formulated and stored in eight separate glass jars. The short-term stability of the creams was assessed via… 
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