A Novel Method for Energy Production Using 242mAm as a Nuclear Fuel

  title={A Novel Method for Energy Production Using 242mAm as a Nuclear Fuel},
  author={Yigal Ronen and M. Aboudy and Dror Regev},
  journal={Nuclear Technology},
  pages={407 - 417}
A novel system for energy production is presented. This system has a modular composition of homogeneous reactors with H2O and 242mAm as a fuel. These reactors are spheres of 0.11-m radius and 1-MW(thermal) power and with a critical mass of 0.0201 kg of 242mAm. The advantages of homogeneous reactors are constant fuel reprocessing and constant refueling. As a result, there is a reduction of fission products, which improves the ratio of natural cooling to heat production with respect to a loss-of… 
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