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A Novel Mathematical Formulation for Density-based Topology Optimization Method Considering Multi-Axis Machining Constraint

  title={A Novel Mathematical Formulation for Density-based Topology Optimization Method Considering Multi-Axis Machining Constraint},
  author={Hao Deng and Albert C. To},
This paper proposes a novel density-based method for structural design considering restrictions of multiaxis machining processes. A new mathematical formulation based on Heaviside function is presented to transform the design field into a geometry which can be manufactured by multi-axis machining process. The formulation is developed for 5-axis machining, which can be also applied to 2.5D milling restriction. The filter techniques are incorporated to effectively control the minimum size of void… 



Topology optimization for multi-axis machining

  • M. Langelaar
  • Materials Science
    Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering
  • 2019

A new development of a shadow density filter for manufacturing constraint and its applications to multiphysics topology optimization

A new shadow density filter is developed and its usage for structural topology optimization (TO) considering the molding manufacturability and several numerical examples of compliance minimization problem, conjugate heat transfer problem and fluid-structure interaction problem are solved to demonstrate the validity and effectiveness of the present shadow density filters.

3D level-set topology optimization: a machining feature-based approach

This effort is an extension of level-set topology optimization into a domain of structural optimization for manufacturing (OFM) and the engineering information embedded in those feature primitives can be extracted and integrated into the optimization formulation.

Structural shape and topology optimization of cast parts using level set method

A level set-based shape and topology optimization method for conceptual design of cast parts that can be started from an arbitrary initial design, without the need for an initial design satisfying the cast constraint.

A geometry projection method for shape optimization

We present a new method for shape optimization that uses an analytical description of the varying design geometry as the control in the optimization problem. A straightforward filtering technique

Computer-Aided Design-Based Topology Optimization System With Dynamic Feature Shape and Modeling History Evolution

A novel CAD-based topology optimization system is developed and modeling history was incorporated into the optimization process and dynamic modeling history change is enabled based on the optimality criteria.