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A Novel Iris Recognition System Using Morphological Edge Detector and Wavelet Phase Features

  title={A Novel Iris Recognition System Using Morphological Edge Detector and Wavelet Phase Features},
  author={Ahmad Poursaberi and Babak Nadjar Araabi},
The present invention features a valve train for inducing reciprocative motion in a valve which includes a lever pivotally mounted at one end thereof, a rocker arm which engages the lever to define a fulcrum point therebetween, and which engages a valve at one end thereof, a first cam which engages the other end of the rocker arm, a second cam which engages the top of the lever and a mechanism which guidingly interconnects the rocker arm, at a point intermediate of the ends thereof, with the… 

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This paper presents a novel idea based on a kind of structure-based pattern, such as collarette, embedded in human iris for biometric recognition, which has an encouraging performance against the UBIRIS iris image database.
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Algorithms developed by the author for recognizing persons by their iris patterns have now been tested in many field and laboratory trials, producing no false matches in several million comparison
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Main predicaments and strategies to overcome them are outlined and a direction of future activities leading to a complete and simple identification system is pointed out.
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