A Novel Error Concealment Method for Stereoscopic Video Coding

  title={A Novel Error Concealment Method for Stereoscopic Video Coding},
  author={Xinguang Xiang and Debin Zhao and Qiang Wang and Xiangyang Ji and Wen Gao},
  journal={2007 IEEE International Conference on Image Processing},
  pages={V - 101-V - 104}
A novel error concealment method is proposed for two-view based stereoscopic video coding to address the challenging problem of adaptively combining inter-view correlation and temporal correlation. First, the disparity vectors of the lost macroblocks' neighboring macroblocks are used to recover the lost or erroneously received motion or disparity vectors. Then we propose a novel error concealment method based on overlapped block motion and disparity compensation, whose weights are determined by… CONTINUE READING
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