A Novel Design of Triple-Band Gysel Power Divider


This paper presents a new scheme of a tri-band Gysel power divider. A tri-band transmission line transformer and parallel short-and open-ended stub resonators are applied to a dual-band power divider for tri-band application. Exact equations are derived based on even- and odd-mode analysis. There is a good agreement between simulation and experimental results. In addition to good insertion loss, return loss, and isolation, it also has the advantage of high power-handling capability over the Wilkinson power divider.

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@article{Hayati2013AND, title={A Novel Design of Triple-Band Gysel Power Divider}, author={Mohsen Hayati and Seyed-Ali Malakooti and Ashkan Abdipour}, journal={IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques}, year={2013}, volume={61}, pages={3558-3567} }