A Novel Cytochrome P450 Expressed Primarily in Brain (*)

  title={A Novel Cytochrome P450 Expressed Primarily in Brain (*)},
  author={G. Stapleton and M. Steel and M. Richardson and J. Mason and K. Rose and R. Morris and R. Lathe},
  journal={The Journal of Biological Chemistry},
  pages={29739 - 29745}
hct-1 (hippocampal transcript) was detected in a differential screen of a rat hippocampal cDNA library. Expression of hct-1 was enriched in the formation but was also detected in rat liver and kidney, though at much lower levels; expression was barely detectable in testis, ovary, and adrenal. In liver, unlike brain, expression was sexually dimorphic; hepatic expression was greatly reduced in female rats. In mouse, brain expression was widespread, with the highest levels being detected in corpus… Expand
CYP26, a Novel Mammalian Cytochrome P450, Is Induced by Retinoic Acid and Defines a New Family*
The cloning of a member of a novel cytochrome P450 family that is expressed in mammalian embryos and in brain and is induced by RA in the liver is reported. Expand
Cytochrome P450 CYP2J9, a New Mouse Arachidonic Acid ω-1 Hydroxylase Predominantly Expressed in Brain*
It is concluded that CYP2J9 is a developmentally regulated P450 that is abundant in brain, localized to cerebellar Purkinje cells, and active in the biosynthesis of 19-HETE, an eicosanoid that inhibits activity of P/Q-type Ca2+ channels. Expand
Dehydroepiandrosterone 7-hydroxylase cyp7b: predominant expression in primate hippocampus and reduced expression in alzheimer's disease☆
It is shown that the reaction is conserved across mammalian species: in addition to mouse and rat, DHEA hydroxylation activity was present in brain extracts from sheep, marmoset and human. Expand
Characterization of Cyp2d22, a novel cytochrome P450 expressed in mouse mammary cells.
Analysis of sequence similarity and functional data suggest that Cyp2d22 may be the mouse ortholog of human CYP2D6, and observations support the hypothesis that 2D22 mediates a distinct, biologically significant activity in relation to other mouse 2D family members. Expand
Characterization and tissue distribution of a novel human cytochrome P450-CYP2U1.
A novel human cytochrome P450 cDNA designated CYP2U1 was identified using homology searches, and the corresponding gene is located on chromosome 4, with high mRNA expression in human thymus, with weaker expression in heart and brain, whereas in the rat similar mRNA levels were detected inThymus and brain. Expand
Regulation of CYP3A9 gene expression by estrogen and catalytic studies using cytochrome P450 3A9 expressed in Escherichia coli.
The finding that P450 3A9 can catalyze the formation of desipramine with a turnover number of 4.9 nmol/min/nmol P450, suggesting the possible involvement of this isoform in the metabolism of imipramines in brain. Expand
Neurosteroid Hydroxylase CYP7B
Cyp7B is thus a major extrahepatic steroid and oxysterol hydroxylase and provides the predominant route for local metabolism of DHEA and related molecules in brain and other tissues. Expand
Cytochrome P450 in the Central Nervous System
The brain is a major target for the action of steroids. These molecules regulate many aspects of brain function, including imprinting of sexual behavior (1), learning and memory (2), and mood andExpand
Cytochrome P450 expression and regulation in the brain
It is crucial to recognize the function and regulation of CYP enzymes in the brain to build a foundation for future medicine and neuroprotection and for personalized treatment of brain diseases. Expand
Cyp7b, a novel brain cytochrome P450, catalyzes the synthesis of neurosteroids 7α-hydroxy dehydroepiandrosterone and 7α-hydroxy pregnenolone
Steroids produced locally in brain (neurosteroids), including dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), influence cognition and behavior. We previously described a novel cytochrome P450, Cyp7b, stronglyExpand