A Novel Conceptual Fish-like Robot Inspired by Rhinecanthus Aculeatus


This paper proposes a novel conceptual underwater bio-robot inspired by Rhinecanthus aculeatus, which belongs to median and/or paired fin (MPF) propulsion fish and impresses researchers with agility by cooperative undulation of the dorsal-and-anal fins. Such a fish-like robot is anticipated to outperform the conventional aquatic robots in maneuverability and stability for oceanic exploitation necessities, e.g. benthonic mineral exploration. To begin with, a specimen of R. aculeatus was filmed in a glass aquarium (150cm times 50cm times 60cm) in which artificial seawater was maintained at 26 degC or so. Afterwards, we analyzed a few characteristics in morphology and locomotion with image processing and other approaches. The morphological and kinematical bionic inspirations were summarized, and in succession, we elaborately delineated the design scheme of our conceptual robotic fish including the schematic architectures, the structural and outside form, and the undulatory multi-fin propulsor

DOI: 10.1109/ICARCV.2006.345100

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@article{Hu2006ANC, title={A Novel Conceptual Fish-like Robot Inspired by Rhinecanthus Aculeatus}, author={Tianjiang Hu and Guangming Wang and Lincheng Shen and Fei Li}, journal={2006 9th International Conference on Control, Automation, Robotics and Vision}, year={2006}, pages={1-5} }