A Novel Breeding Approach in Quest of Temperature Sensitive Genic Male Sterile Lines Among Rice Intersubspecies Derivatives

  title={A Novel Breeding Approach in Quest of Temperature Sensitive Genic Male Sterile Lines Among Rice Intersubspecies Derivatives},
  author={R. Kalaiyarasi and Priti Vaidyanathan},
SummaryAn investigation was made to exploit an innovative tool viz., thermosensitive genic male sterile (TGMS) system in twoline inter-subspecies rice hybrids using 132 hybrids involving four TGMS lines viz., TS15, TS16, TS18 and TS29 and thirty three testers viz., 17 indicas, 7 japonicas and 9 javanicas by line × tester method at Paddy Breeding Station, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, India. Pre-ponderence of non-additive gene action for yield and yield attributing traits was observed by… 



Combining ability in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Six lines and three testers were used to make crosses as per line x tester analysis, ten characters including quantitative and qualitative traits were tested for gcaand sca in F1’s and their parents.

Cytological screening of rice TGMS lines

The results indicate that both pre- and post-meiotic genetic systems operate during anther development for the expression of sterility in TGMS lines, with distinct differences between sterile and fertile phases with respect to anther size, shape and colour.

Heterosis in rice.

The nature and extent of heterosis was estimated for grain yield and its related characters in 10 parent diallel crosses in rice and the crosses IR 8 X Sona, IR 8 x Jhona 349, Sona X BJ-1 and IR 2153-43-2-5-4 X BJ -1 appeared to be promising and need the attention of the breeder for their exploitation.

Combining Ability in Cigar Filler Tobacco

The nature of combining ability in cigar filler tobacco (N.tabacum L.) was studied in a set of diallel crosses of seven diverse cultivars. Both the general and specific combining ability estimates

An Introduction to Genetic Statistics

This book is written to provide basic probability ideas in terms of genetic situations, since the theory of genetics is a probability theory, and to give a definitive treatment of applications of these ideas to genetic theory.

Combining ability estimates in Arachis hypogaea L. II. Field performance of F1 hybrids.

Comparison of field results with results obtained previously in a controlled environment indicated that the controlled environment may have limited use in predicting field performance of peanut hybrids.

Combining ability for grain yield and its components in hybrid rice

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Combining ability in Arachis hypogaea L II . Field performance of F 1 hybrids

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