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A Novel ANN based Approach for Reliability of Software using Object Oriented Metrics

  title={A Novel ANN based Approach for Reliability of Software using Object Oriented Metrics},
  author={Asheesh Pandey and Anil.k. Ahlawat},
In the present scenario, software industries are facing lots of challenges and difficulties for software reliability. Test and measurement can be considered as reliable if they are producing same results over repeated time of quality testing. Software reliability acts an important role in the development of software in Software Development Life Cycle. There are so many factors and issues in SDLC that can affect the software reliability. Object oriented metrics provide a quantitative basis for… 

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Application of Artificial Neural Network for Predicting Maintainability Using Object-Oriented Metrics

The application of ANN for software quality prediction using ObjectOriented metrics showed that the Mean Absolute Relative Error (MARE) was 0.265 of ANN model, indicating that ANN method was useful in constructing software quality model.

A hierarchical model for object-oriented design quality assessment

This paper represents proposed model for estimation quality of software product, which can forecast the quality of the object oriented system by analyzing the metric data.

A New Software Reliability Growth Model: Genetic-Programming-Based Approach

The use of Genetic Programming as an eVolutionary computation approach to handle the software reliability modeling problem and results show that the proposed GP model is superior compared to Yamada S-Shaped, Generalized Poisson, NHPP and Schneidewind reliability models.

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This research addresses the needs for software measures in object-orientation design through the development and implementation of a new suite of metrics for OO design, and suggests ways in which managers may use these metrics for process improvement.

Toward a More Reliable Theory of Software Reliability

The notions of time and the operational profile incorporated into software reliability are incomplete and the software reliability community is challenged to consider these ideas in future models.

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An improved hierarchical model that relates design properties such as encapsulation, modularity, coupling, and cohesion to high-level quality attributes such as reusability, flexibility, and complexity using empirical and anecdotal information is described.

A Formal Object-Oriented Analysis for Software Reliability: Design for Verification

The OOA design step in a methodology which integrates automata-based model checking into a commercially supported OO software development process is presented and a set of design rules for OOA models with executable semantics are defined, which lead to automata models with tractable state spaces.

What is software reliability?

  • D. Hamlet
  • Computer Science
    Proceedings of COMPASS'94 - 1994 IEEE 9th Annual Conference on Computer Assurance
  • 1994
Reliability theory applies to random variations in a population of similar objects, whereas software defects are all design flaws, not at all random, in a unique object.

Using neural networks in reliability prediction

Results with actual testing and debugging data suggest that neural-network models are better at endpoint predictions than analytic models, and can be more accurate than some commonly used analytic models.