A Note on the Incest Taboo: The Case of the Matrilineal Khasis

  title={A Note on the Incest Taboo: The Case of the Matrilineal Khasis},
  author={D. Ropmay},
  journal={IOSR Journal of Humanities and Social Science},
  • D. Ropmay
  • Published 1 May 2017
  • Sociology
  • IOSR Journal of Humanities and Social Science
Incest Taboo serves as one important aspect under kinship studies. Understanding the rules prohibiting intimate and sexual relations with certain kin throws light on how other facets of a social organisation operate such as marriage, clan organisation and kinship terminology. The existence of the Incest Taboo among the Khasi, a major matrilineal tribal group of Meghalaya, provides us a picture on how such facets are determined. Therefore, this article attempts to describe the bounds of the… 



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t FTER SOMETHING like a generation in which the attention of ^ anthropologists and sociologists has been focused on the phenomena s Swhich differentiate one society from another and the different

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The argument is offered that evolutionary approaches are not always the most compelling and that convincing environmental explanations are overlooked, andemplations about incest and inbreeding avoidance are framed and examined.

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W jrE HAVE noted a new wave of interest in the theoretical and empirical study of the incest taboo. This is manifested by Slater's (1959) paper and by three papers on the subject at the American

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Preface to the Cambridge University Press Edition Preface to the First Edition Introduction 1. Kinship, family and descent 2. The incest problem 3. Local groups and descent groups 4. Unilineal


A schematic estimate of inbreeding depression in the offspring of full sibling couples indicates that fertility in these families had to be 20-50% above average to attain reproduction at replacement level, in the absence of information on the amount of genetic load in this population.

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List of Figures. Preface. Part I: Basic Concepts:. 1. Introductory. 2. Descent. 3. The Family and Other Kin Groupings. 4. Marriage and Sexual Relations. 5. Kinship (Relationship) Terminology. 6.

The definition and prohibition of incest.

  • L. White
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    American anthropologist
  • 1948
“Again and again in the world's history, savage tribes must have had plainly before their minds the simple practical alternative between marrying-out and being killed out.”—E. B. Tylor*