A Note on a Tenth Century Graph

  title={A Note on a Tenth Century Graph},
  author={H. Gray Funkhouser},
  pages={260 - 262}
The graph given here in facsimile is of significance in the history of graphic methods in that it appears to be the oldest extant example of an attempt to represent changeable values graphically which in appearance closely resembles modern practice. The distinguishing feature is the use of a grid as a background for the drawing of the curves. The graph dates from the tenth, possibly eleventh century, and forms a part of a manuscript discovered by SIGMUND GiUNTHER in I877 (I). The manuscript is… 

The Milestones Project: A Database for the History of Data Visualization

This chapter introduces the reader to the solution: an online resource called the Milestones Project, which details important events in the history of data visualization, and enables users to interactively travel through time to see and explore the context that surrounded their developments.

The First (Known) Statistical Graph: Michael Florent van Langren and the “Secret” of Longitude

A 1644 diagram by Michael Florent van Langren, showing estimates of the difference in longitude between Toledo and Rome, is sometimes considered to be the first known instance of a graph of

Seeing and Understanding Data

Visual displays of data are commonly used today in media reports online or in print. For example, data visualizations are sometimes used as a marketing tool to convince people to purchase a certain

Quantitative Graphics in Statistics: A Brief History

Quantitative graphics have been central to the development of science, and statistical graphics date from the earliest attempts to analyze data, and today they appear to be reemerging as an important analytic tool, with recent innovations exploiting computer graphics and related technologies.

Möbius transformations revealed

Some of the technical details behind Möbius Transformations Revealed are discussed, which are rated as the number three top favorite video of all time in YouTube’s educational category and over 11,000 viewers have declared it among their favorites, which makes it one of the YouTube top favorites of alltime.

Milestones in the history of thematic cartography, statistica l graphics, and data visualization

The graphic portrayal of quantitative information has deep roots. These roots reach into histories of thematic cartography, statistical graphics, and data visualization, which are intertwined with

TULIPS: A Tool for Understanding the Lives, Interiors, and Physics of Stars

Milestones in the History of Data Visualization: A Case Study in Statistical Historiography

An overview and brief tour of the milestones content is provided, with a few illustrations of significant contributions to the history of data visualization.

A Brief History of Data Visualization

The graphic representation of quantitative information has deep roots that reach into the histories of the earliestmap making and visual depiction, and later into thematic cartography, statistics and statistical graphics, medicine and other fields.