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A Note on S-Matrix Bootstrap for Amplitudes with Linear Spectrum

  title={A Note on S-Matrix Bootstrap for Amplitudes with Linear Spectrum},
  author={Pranjal Nayak and Rohan R. Poojary and Ronak M. Soni},
  journal={arXiv: High Energy Physics - Theory},
We work out constraints imposed by channel duality and analyticity on tree-level amplitudes of four identical real scalars, with the assumptions of a linear spectrum of exchanged particles and Regge asymptotic behaviour. We reduce the requirement of channel duality to a countably infinite set of equations in the general case. We show that channel duality uniquely fixes the soft Regge behaviour of the amplitudes to that found in String theory, $(-s)^{2t}$. Specialising to the case of tachyonic… Expand

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