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A Note on- Pulmonary Tuberculosis

  title={A Note on- Pulmonary Tuberculosis},
  author={Joshita Sabbineni},


Changing Trend of Surgery in Pulmonary Tuberculosis
Role of surgery in pulmonary TB declined over decades, but with appearance of MDR/XDR TB – role of surgery is again becoming important. Expand
Dual Role of Inflammation in Prognosis and Prevention of Tuberculosis
The major host inflammatory responses during Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection and their role in progression and/or containment of the infection are discussed and the possible role of anti-inflammatory drugs as adjunct to the current anti-tuberculosis treatment is reviewed. Expand
Sweet Syndrome and Pulmonary Tuberculosis in a Crohns Disease PatientTreated with Anti-TNFñ
This is the first case reported in the literature that presents the association between SS and pulmonary tuberculosis in a patient on anti-TNFα treatment for CD, complicated with IRIS. Expand
Tuberculosis and New Treatments
This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original source are credited. Expand
Cabrera-Gaytan DA, Vargas-Valerio A (2014) Influence of Family System Characteristics on Adherence to Directly Observed Treatment, Short-Course (Dots) in Pulmonary Tuberculosis-A Cohort Study
  • J Mycobac Dis 4:166
  • 2014
Central Nervous System Manifestations of Tuberculosis: A Review Article
The central nervous system manifestations of tuberculosis are reviewed and it is shown that HIV-positive individuals with TB are 5 times more likely to have CNS involvement. Expand
Clinical, Radiological and Inmunological Features in Children with Pulmonary Tuberculosis: A Review
This is a clinical, radiological and immunological review in children TB where the data is searched to contribute the data in the literature. Expand
Indications and Outcome of Surgery in Pleuro-pulmonary Tuberculosis
Surgery is indicated about 21% of patients with pleuropulmonary tuberculosis with a mortality rate of 3.0% and the authors recommend a high index of suspicion, contact tracing and strict adherence to the modus operandi of directly observed continuous combined anti-tuberculous chemotherapy for pleurpul pulmonary tuberculosis. Expand
Influence of Family System Characteristics on Adherence to Directly Observed Treatment, Short-Course (Dots) in Pulmonary Tuberculosis-ACohort Study
Evaluating the association of the characteristics of the family system in adherence observed treatment short in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis in three cities of the south-southeast of Mexico found that family functioning influences the cohorts studied in treatment adherence. Expand
Main Issues Behind our Ongoing Failure against Tuberculosis
There are 3 key problems that hampered the successful of tuberculosis program: availability a simple, reliable and affordable diagnostic tools, effective vaccine against tuberculosis and increasing trend of multi-drug resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Expand