A Note on Barnette’s Conjecture

  title={A Note on Barnette’s Conjecture},
  author={Jochen Harant},
  booktitle={Discuss. Math. Graph Theory},
  • J. Harant
  • Published in Discuss. Math. Graph Theory 1 March 2013
  • Mathematics
Abstract Barnette conjectured that each planar, bipartite, cubic, and 3-connected graph is hamiltonian. We prove that this conjecture is equivalent to the statement that there is a constant c > 0 such that each graph G of this class contains a path on at least c|V (G)| vertices. 

Construction of Barnette graphs whose large subgraphs are non-Hamiltonian

Abstract Barnette’s conjecture states that every three connected cubic bipartite planar graph (CPB3C) is Hamiltonian. In this paper we show the existence of a family of CPB3C Hamiltonian graphs in

Thoughts on Barnette's Conjecture

A new sufficient condition for a cubic 3-connected planar graph to be Hamiltonian is proved, which implies the following special case of Barnette's Conjecture: if G is an Eulerian planar triangulation, whose vertices are properly coloured blue, red and green, then $G^*$ is Hamiltonian.

A Relationship Between Thomassen's Conjecture and Bondy's Conjecture

It is shown that Bondy's conjecture implies a slightly weaker version of Thomassen's conjecture: every 4-connected line graph with minimum degree at least 5 has a Hamiltonian cycle.

On Barnette’s conjecture and the $$H^{+-}$$H+- property

It is proved that if every cyclic sequence of big faces has a face belonging to X and Y and a face belong to $$Y$$Y, then G∗ has a Hamilton cycle.



A Survey & Strengthening of Barnette's Conjecture

Tait and Tutte made famous conjectures stating that all members of certain graph classes contain Hamiltonian Cycles. Although the Tait and Tutte conjectures were disproved, Barnette continued this

Graph Planarity and Related Topics

This compendium is the result of reformatting and minor editing of the author’s transparencies for his talk delivered at the conference. The talk covered Euler’s Formula, Kuratowski’s Theorem, linear

On the 2-factors of bicubic graphs

Non-hamiltonian 3-connected cubic bipartite graphs

Graph Coloring Problems

Planar Graphs. Graphs on Higher Surfaces. Degrees. Critical Graphs. The Conjectures of Hadwiger and Hajos. Sparse Graphs. Perfect Graphs. Geometric and Combinatorial Graphs. Algorithms.

Hamiltonian Cycles in Sparse Graphs

Hamiltonian Cycles in Sparse Graphs Alexander Hertel Master of Science Graduate Department of Computer Science University of Toronto 2004 The subject of this thesis is the Hamiltonian Cycle problem,

Relative lengths of paths and cycles in 3-connected graphs

$B$-sets and coloring problems

1. Definitions. Let F{Xa:a£:A} be a family of sets. A set B is called a 5-set for this family if Br\Xa5 0, all aE^4, and B^Xay all « G i . A family F need not have a B-set. Observe that if B is a

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