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A Norse Viking-age grave from Cruach Mhor, Islay

  title={A Norse Viking-age grave from Cruach Mhor, Islay},
  author={Kate Gordon},
In 1958, afield survey at Cruach Mhor on the west coast of Islay produced a series of artefacts which suggest that there had been a rich female Viking burial on the site. Possible grave goods included two oval brooches, beads, spindle whorl, knives, sickle and the socket of a weaving batten. An ornamental buckle loop found at the site in 1978 may also belong to the grave, which appears to date to the late ninth or 10th century AD. 

A Viking Age cemetery at Cnip, Uig, Isle of Lewis

Six burials of ninth--tenth-century date recorded between 1991 and 1994, plus one tenth-century burial recorded in 1979, lead to the suggestion that the headland was a Viking cemetery area. There is

Jet and Related Materials in Viking Scotland

Abstract Viking jewellery of polished black stone is too readily labelled as jet, implying E-coast contacts to North Yorkshire. Analysis of Scottish material (predominantly bangles) shows that here

‘Ardvonrig’, Isle of Barra: an appraisal of the location of a Scandinavian accompanied burial

This note assesses the likely location of the ‘Ardvonrig’ accompanied Viking Age burial found in 1862 on the Isle of Barra in the Outer Hebrides, and considers whether the exact location of the

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The Rhind Lectures for 1995–6, on ‘Death and Wealth in Viking Scotland’, commenced with a review of the earliest known records pertaining to the discovery of the Vikings in Scotland, beginning in the

Perler fra vikingtiden (Beads of the Viking-Age):A study of the social and economic patterns in the appearance of beads from Viking-Age sites in Britain

To date there has been no comprehensive, broad study of Viking-Age beads from sites in Britain. In order to fill this gap in Viking-Age literature, this study intends to present a characterisation of

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Viking Studies has, until recently, dedicated a significant portion of the study of jewellery to typological scrutiny and the analyses of style and design. While important and necessary components of



A Viking burial from Kneep, Uig, Isle of Lewis

In 1979 a rich female Viking burial was discovered on Kneep headland, near Valtos in the Isle of Lewis. Owing to the circumstances of its recovery, little is known of the context of the burial but

Glasses from Scandinavian burials in the first millennium A.D.

Abstract This study is an attempt to examine the significance of glass vessels from within burials. Anthropological, ethnographic, and literary evidence is deliberately avoided. The author maintains

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