A Normality Criterion Corresponding to the Defect Relations

  title={A Normality Criterion Corresponding to the Defect Relations},
  author={Andreas Schweizer},
  journal={Computational Methods and Function Theory},
  • Andreas Schweizer
  • Published 2016
  • Mathematics
  • Let $$\mathcal{{F}}$$F be a family of meromorphic functions on a domain D. We present a quite general sufficient condition for $$\mathcal{{F}}$$F to be a normal family. This criterion contains many known results as special cases. The overall idea is that certain comparatively weak conditions on $$\mathcal{{F}}$$F by local arguments lead to somewhat stronger conditions, which in turn lead to even stronger conditions on the limit function g in the famous Zalcman Lemma. Ultimately, the defect… CONTINUE READING

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