A Noninvasive Method for Estimating Nitrogen Balance in Free-Ranging Primates

  title={A Noninvasive Method for Estimating Nitrogen Balance in Free-Ranging Primates},
  author={Erin R Vogel and Brooke Erin Crowley and Cheryl Denise Knott and Melissa D. Blakely and Michael D. Larsen and Nathaniel J Dominy},
  journal={International Journal of Primatology},
The vital role of body protein as an energy reserve has received little focus in studies of wild primates. Owing to the relatively low protein content of fruit, some frugivorous primates could face a protein deficit if body protein is catabolized for energy during periods of low fruit availability. Such an imbalance can be detected if fatty acids, amino acids, and nitrogen (N) catabolites are reincorporated or recycled back to tissues. Here we describe a method to quantify protein recycling by… CONTINUE READING
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