A Non-standard Class of Sobolev Orthogonal

  title={A Non-standard Class of Sobolev Orthogonal},
  author={Sung Sik Han and Il Hyo Jung and K. H. Kwon and J K Lee},
Whenτ is a quasi-definite moment functional on P , the vector space of all real polynomials, we consider a symmetric bilinear form φ(·, ·) onP ×P defined by φ(p, q) = λp(a)q(a)+ μp(b)q(b)+ 〈τ, p′q′〉, whereλ,μ, a, andb are real numbers. We first find a necessary and sufficient condition forφ(·, ·) to be quasi-definite. When τ is a semi-classical moment… CONTINUE READING