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A Non-intrusive Fault Diagnosis System for Robotic Platforms

  title={A Non-intrusive Fault Diagnosis System for Robotic Platforms},
  author={Youssef Youssef and Paul-Gerhard Pl{\"o}ger},
The increasing complexity of tasks that are required to be executed by robots demands higher reliability of robotic platforms. For this, it is crucial for robot developers to consider fault diagnosis. In this study, a general non-intrusive fault diagnosis system for robotic platforms is proposed. A mini-PC is non-intrusively attached to a robot that is used to detect and diagnose faults. The health data and diagnosis produced by the mini-PC is then standardized and transmitted to a remote-PC. A… 
Faults Diagnosis in Robot Systems: A Review
A review study on fault diagnosis and detection methods of faults types in the field of robotics is introduced to make classifications between different types of faults and diagnosis methods those used in the fields of robotics.


A Model-Based Fault Detection, Diagnosis and Repair for Autonomous Robotics systems
This paper presents a model-based fault detection and diagnosis method with a simple but powerful method to repair faults so that the robot can detect and react to faults in a timely manner and no human intervention is necessary thus allowing the robot to be autonomous.
On Fault Detection and Diagnosis in Robotic Systems
This article elaborate on FDD from the perspective of the different characteristics a robotic system may have and give examples of successful FDD approaches, and analyses the advantages and disadvantages of each approach with respect to robotic systems.
Multi-Layered Model Based Diagnosis in Robots
The problem of fault diagnosis in the domains of robotics and autonomous systems are unique and interesting. A hidden internal fault affects not only other hardware components, as in any other
Sensor fault detection and diagnosis for autonomous systems
This work presents a method that uses a structural model to successfully detect and diagnose sensor faults online and shows that this method outperforms previous methods in terms of fault detection and provides an accurate diagnosis.
An integrated model-based diagnosis and repair architecture for ROS-based robot systems
This paper presents a novel diagnosis and repair architecture for ROS-based robot systems that is an extension to the existing ROS diagnostics stack and follows a model-based diagnosis and Repair approach.
Sensor fault detection and identification in a mobile robot
  • S. Roumeliotis, G. Sukhatme, G. Bekey
  • Engineering, Computer Science
    Proceedings. 1998 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems. Innovations in Theory, Practice and Applications (Cat. No.98CH36190)
  • 1998
A system architecture is presented for the general problem of failure detection and identification in mobile robots and the MMAE algorithm is demonstrated on a Pioneer I robot in the case of three different sensor failures.
Online fault detection of a mobile robot with a parallelized particle filter
Robust fault-tolerant control for uncertain robot manipulators based on adaptive quasi-continuous high-order sliding mode and neural network
This paper investigates a robust fault-tolerant control scheme for uncertain robot manipulators. The proposed scheme is designed via active fault-tolerant control method by combining a fault