A Non-Linear Controller for Forecasting the Rising Demand for Electric Vehicles Applicable to Indian Road Conditions

  title={A Non-Linear Controller for Forecasting the Rising Demand for Electric Vehicles Applicable to Indian Road Conditions},
  author={S. Poorani and Raji Murugan},
  journal={International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering},
  • S. Poorani, R. Murugan
  • Published 1 October 2016
  • Engineering
  • International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering
These days load forecasting is much more required  in order to reduce the wastage of energy. This paper is to implement & develop the idea of short term load forecasting by using Artificial Neural Network, the design of the neural network model, input data selection and Training & Testing by using short term load forecasting will be described in paper. For the EV load forecasting only 2 variables are being used as temperature and humidity to forecast the output as load. This type of designed… 

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