A Noisy Way to Evolve Signaling Behaviour

  title={A Noisy Way to Evolve Signaling Behaviour},
  author={Tudor Jenkins},
This paper looks at the way signaling behaviour can arise within a population of evolving agents involved in complex task domains where problem-solving behaviours need to be developed and integrated with appropriate signaling strategies. A method is proposed to overcome the difficulties of evolving separate yet compatible parts required by transmitters and receivers that serve no function but communication. The validity of this method is supported by a series of experiments. These not only… 


Evolving Communication without Dedicated Communication Channels
  • M. Quinn
  • Computer Science, Biology
  • 2001
It is argued that functional, but non-communicative behaviours which evolve in the early stages of the simulation both make possible, and form the basis of, the communicative behaviour which subsequently evolves.
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