A New Web Service Model Based on QoS


With the development of SOA(Service-Oriented Architecture) and SOC(Service-Oriented Computing), the Quality of Service(QoS) was more and more important than before. How to access, store and measure the QoS in complex network has been a key work for the SOA. An expanded service model supporting QoS is proposed in this paper, and the model supports service publishing, selection based on QoS. In the model, QoS information is collected from different roles like service provider, service user and service monitor, then saved as publish QoS, experience QoS and monitor QoS. QoS measure is based on weighted the different QoS information above. So it takes account of all kinds of aspects that affect the QoS driven service selection. Finally, it describes a real case study of applying this model in a project of IBM SUR program.

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