A New Ultra Rapid Screening Method for Olive Oil Health Claim Evaluation Using Selective Pulse NMR Spectroscopy

  title={A New Ultra Rapid Screening Method for Olive Oil Health Claim Evaluation Using Selective Pulse NMR Spectroscopy},
  author={Eleni Melliou and Prokopios Magiatis and K. Brian Killday},
One of the most important constituents of olive oil is the secoiridoid polyphenolic derivatives which present an increasing potential for health protection. The European Union legislation based on the scientific opinion of EFSA has permitted specific health claims related to the levels of specific phenolic compounds found in olive oil (5 mg per 20 g dose or 250 mg/kg). The key compounds that are responsible for the recognized health claim “protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress” are… Expand

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Determination of biophenols in olive oil by HPLC . COI / T . 20 / Doc No 29 , November 2009 14 F . Rastrelli , E . Schievano , A . Bagno and S . Mammi , Magn Atti Accad . Pelorit . Pericol
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  • 2007