A New Type of Organo-Iron Compound

  title={A New Type of Organo-Iron Compound},
  author={Thomas J. Kealy and Peter L. Pauson},
NUMEROUS investigators have studied the reaction of Grignard reagents with anhydrous ferric chloride, but have failed to isolate any organo-iron compounds or to produce any definite evidence for their formation in such reactions. 
The synthesis of some ferrocenyl tin hydrides
  • C. Imrie
  • Chemistry, Materials Science
  • 1993
Tin hydrides containing a ferrocenyl (Fc) group have been synthesized. They reduce haloalkanes in good yields and their decomposition products are easily separated from the products by oxidizing the
Reactivity Studies on a Versatile Bis ( diaminogallyl ) ferrocene
this paper we report on the synthesis, structure and spectroscopic characterization of new ferrocenyl-gallium compounds. They are synthesized starting from
Anionic Stannaferrocene and Its Unique Electronic State
We succeeded in the synthesis of an anionic stannaferrocene by the reaction of a dilithiostannole with a Fe(III) reagent, which cannot be achieved by the use of cyclopentadienyl (Cp) and its relate...
This article presents the results of studies on the synthesis of a compound of p-ferrocenylbenzoic acid with thiourea. Based on a comparative analysis of the results of IR spectroscopic data and
Heterylferrocenes. Synthesis and use
Data on the synthesis of ferrocene derivatives containing heterocyclic substituents linked directly to the ferrocene system or separated from it by a chain of carbon atoms are described
The Multifaceted Chemistry of Ferrocene
Guest editor Petr Stěpnicka explains the role of the discovery of ferrocene in establishing organometallic chemistry as an independent discipline and mentions the prolific research in the field of
Heavy Metallocenes of the Group 8 Metals: Ferrocene and Ruthenocene Derivatives
Metallocene (ferrocene and ruthenocene) derivatives, featuring three heavy group 14 elements in one of the cyclopentadienyl ligands, were synthesized by the reaction of the lithium disilagermacyclo...
Cyclopentadienyl Compounds of the Actinide Elements
Among compounds of the 5f-elements, organometallic complexes have been studied during the two last decades. The discovery of ferrocene in 1951 1,2 and the synthesis of the first organo-uranium


Deamination of Certain Amino Derivatives of Sugars and Sugar Alcohols
IT has already been observed1 that the deamination of certain amino-sugar derivatives leads to the formation of ethylene oxide anhydro sugars. Thus, when 2-amino 4 : 6-benzylidene