A New Theory of the Solar Corona

  title={A New Theory of the Solar Corona},
  author={Paul J. Kellogg and Edward P. Ney},
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Bericht über die totale Sonnenfinsternis vom 2. Oktober 1959

Die totale Sonnenfinsternis vom 2. Oktober 1959 schien den Astronomen besonders vielversprechend zu seiil, da die Totalitgtszone weite Gebiete der Kanarischen Inseln und West-Afrikas bei hervorragend

The structure of the monochromatic corona in the surroundings of prominences

It is well known that in the immediate surroundings of stationary filaments the white light of the corona is strongly reduced. The same effect is observed in the monochromatic emissions of the lines

Existence of Net Electric Charges on Stars

The following comments may be made on the communication by Oster and Philip concerning my article in Nature1 and note in the Journal of Atmospheric and Terrestrial Physics2.



Observation of High Intensity Radiation by Satellites 1958 Alpha and Gamma

A preliminary report of results obtained concerning radiation intensities measured with single Geiger tubes carried by Explorer I and III is presented. Resonable cosmic-ray counting rates were

Radiation Around the Earth to a Radial Distance of 107,400 km.

Radiation detectors and the radio-telemetry system for Pioneer III observations of the Earth's radiation belt are described. Information is given on the vehicle and its trajectory, and logs of flight