A New Theory of Magnetic Storms.

  title={A New Theory of Magnetic Storms.},
  author={Sydney Chapman and Vincenzo Consolato Antonio Ferraro},
AN attempt to infer the course of events when a neutral ionised stream of particles from the sun is directed towards the earth has now led to results which we believe indicate how magnetic storms are produced. A full discussion of the phenomena involves the solution of numerous intricate mathematical problems, many of which have not yet been attacked in detail; but it seems possible to outline the main sequence of events. 
The Solar Wind
Evidence for the sun's emission of a constant charged particle stream is reviewed. Auroral displays, magnetic storms, cosmic-radiation decrease during sunspot activity and Alfven's theory, and the
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This paper is intended as a critical review of current ideas concerning the mechanisms responsible for the geomagnetic storm.The dynamical theory of the geomagnetic storm phenomenon is formulated as
A Review of Studies of Geomagnetic Storms and Auroral/Magnetospheric Substorms Based on the Electric Current Approach
  • S. Akasofu
  • Physics
    Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Sciences
  • 2021
The progress of space physics is reviewed from my personal point of view, particularly how I have reached my present understanding of auroral substorms and geomagnetic storms from the time of the
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We study the causal chain of events by which variations in the solar wind dynamic pressure cause the magnetopause boundary to move and excite magnetic perturbations at the ground. The observation of
Effect of Magnetic Disturbances on the Equatorial Ionospheric Jet Current
THE existence of an anomalously large diurnal variation of the horizontal components of the Earth's magnetic field near the equator was first noticed at Huancayo1. Later, to explain this, Egedal2,3
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This paper attempts to summarize the current understanding of the storm/substorm relationship by clearing up a considerable amount of controversy and by addressing the question of how solar wind
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This chapter summarises the large-scale structure and average properties of the solar wind in the near-Saturn environment. An introduction to Saturn’s magnetosphere will follow, emphasising on its
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