A New Theory in Stiffness Control for Dextrous Manipulation


A new discovery on the sti ness contr ol in robotics, as well as its applic ations in grasping and dextrous manipulation, is presente d. Extended from the Conservative Congruence T ransformation (CCT) theory, the new theory accounts for the change in geometry and the noncommutative rotational property of the Cartesian sti ness in grasping and dextrous manipulation using sti ness control when the external force is applie d. The theory, with the consider ation of rotational e e ct in SE(3), is developed by using the geometrical method. The method along with an example presente d in this p aper provides a systematic way of constructing 6 6 Cartesian sti ness matrices in roboticgrasping/manipulation and sti ness contr ol for dextrous manipulation.

DOI: 10.1109/ROBOT.2001.933085

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