A New Species of the Didelphid Marsupial Genus Monodelphis from Eastern Bolivia

  title={A New Species of the Didelphid Marsupial Genus Monodelphis from Eastern Bolivia},
  author={Robert S. Voss and Ronald H. Pine and Sergio Solari},
ABSTRACT A new species of the didelphid marsupial genus Monodelphis is described from the eastern Bolivian province of Santa Cruz. The new species, currently known from a single specimen, belongs to the M. brevicaudata group but differs from other taxa within that clade (M. brevicaudata, M. domestica, M. glirina, M. maraxina, and M. palliolata) in size, qualitative morphological characters, and cytochrome-b gene sequences. 

A revision of the Monodelphis glirina group (Didelphidae: Marmosini), with a description of a new species from Roraima, Brazil

The new species, known from two savanna localities in northeastern Roraima, is geographically disjunct from its closer relatives, M. glirina and M. sanctaerosae, only known to occur south of the Amazon.

A Revised Subgeneric Classification of Short-Tailed Opossums (Didelphidae: Monodelphis)

ABSTRACT Members of the didelphid marsupial genus Monodelphis have previously been classified into species groups, but such informal subdivisions are inconsistent among authors and have contributed

Additions to the Paraguayan mammal fauna: the first records of two marsupials (Didelphimorphia, Didelphidae) with comments on the alpha taxonomy of Cryptonanus and Philander

Two new species of marsupials are added to the fauna of Paraguay, Philander opossum and Cryptonanus unduaviensis, which improve the understanding of both species in South America.

The second known specimen of Monodelphis unistriata (Wagner) (Mammalia: Didelphimorphia), with redescription of the species and phylogenetic analysis.

A detailed redescription of M. unistriata is provided, the first published images of specimens, and the first account, beyond the previous few most vague and incomplete remarks, of the morphology of the skull of the opossum.

Alpha taxonomy of Dromiciops (Microbiotheriidae) with the description of 2 new species of monito del monte

Assessment of morphological and molecular data indicate the existence of 2 unrecognized and unnamed species of monito del monte, which are here named and described and one of the new species is endemic of Chile, and the other new species occurs in Argentina and Chile.

New records of the Spectacled Slender Opossum Marmosops ocellatus (Didelphimorphia, Didelphidae) with comments on its geographic distribution limits

New distributional records based on 14 specimens deposited in mammal collections suggest that M. ocellatus does not occur in the core region of the Pantanal biome, where flooding areas occur, and that this species may occur farther to the east, close to the upper Rio Cuiabá, where the Chiquitania dry forest meets the Cerrado.

Phylogeny and evolution of body mass in didelphid marsupials (Marsupialia: Didelphimorphia: Didelphidae)

A fully resolved, highly robust phylogeny of didelphids is recovered that tested and confirmed most previously reported groupings, providing a simultaneous depiction of phylogenetic relationships for 81 % of currently recognized species and all relevant supra-specific clades.

Morphological, morphometric and genetic variation among cryptic and sympatric species of southeastern South American three-striped opossums (Monodelphis: Mammalia: Didelphidae).

This study confirmed the sympatry of these two species in a location in southeastern Brazil, presented morphological diagnostic characters to distinguish the two species, provided novel phylogenetic information on the group, and demonstrated the existence of important intra- and interspecific morphological variations related to sexual dimorphism and ontogeny in the group.



A new species of Monodelphis (Didelphimorphia: Didelphidae) from southeastern Peru

A new species of short-tailed opossum is described from the lowland forest of southeastern Peru, which is similar and more related to Monodelphis adusta Thomas, 1897, but is comparatively larger, and lighter in color.


A new species of short-tailed opossum from the lowland forests of Loreto, northeastern Peru is described, intermediate in size and coloration between M. ronaldi and M. adusta, and a phylogenetic analysis of mitochondrial DNA sequences indicates M. osgoodi as its sister taxon.

Species Limits and Phylogenetic Relationships in the Didelphid Marsupial Genus Thylamys Based on Mitochondrial DNA Sequences and Morphology

Thylamys species limits are examined, morphological diagnoses are provided, information about geographic distributions is summarized, comment on previous misidentifications, and historical-biogeographic scenarios are briefly considered with a focus on dispersal events across the Andes.

Systematic Review of Genus Cerradomys Weksler, Percequillo and Voss, 2006 (Rodentia: Cricetidae: Sigmodontinae: Oryzomyini), with Description of Two New Species from Eastern Brazil

Two novel species of Cerradomys are described, one distributed in the Brazilian states of Minas Gerais, Bahia, and Sergipe, and the other in the states of Paraíba, Pernambuco, Piauí, Ceará, and Maranhão.


Congruent patterns offer a starting point for developing a sound taxonomy for Monodelphis and more robust hypotheses in regard to its diversification over many diverse Neotropical habitats.

A New Species of the Rodent Genus Oecomys (Cricetidae: Sigmodontinae: Oryzomyini) from Eastern Bolivia, with Emended Definitions of O. concolor (Wagner) and O. mamorae (Thomas)

A new species of Oecomys, O. sydandersoni (Cricetidae: Sigmodontinae), is described from the Parque Nacional Noel Kempff Mercado in eastern Bolivia and provides morphological evidence for its close relationship to O. concolor and O. mamorae.

A New Species of Oryzomys (Rodentia: Muridae) from Eastern Bolivia

The Bolivian sample has the closest genetic relationship to O. perenensis (Kimura 2-parameter genetic distance × 100: 14.8) and O. laticeps, but the genetic distance is large, and it is described as a new species.

A review of the Amazonian short-tailed opossum Monodelphis emiliae (Thomas)

Monodelphis emihae (Thomas) generalement considere comme conspecifique avec M. brevicaudata (Erxleben), est une espece distincte sympatrique de M. brevicaudata. D'abord connu seulement de la rive


Systematic research with nonvolant mammal specimens collected as voucher material resulted in the discovery of new taxa, documented range extensions of previously described species, and helped resolve many longstanding taxonomic problems.

Opossum (Monodelphis domestica): A Marsupial Development Model.

An overview of aspects of Monodelphis domestica's biology and its use as a model organism is presented and basic care, breeding, embryo manipulation, and modifications of common techniques for the study of the development of this species are discussed.