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A New Species of Owl of the Genus Bubo from the Pleistocene of Cuba (Aves, Strigiformes)

  title={A New Species of Owl of the Genus Bubo from the Pleistocene of Cuba (Aves, Strigiformes)},
  author={O. Arredondo and S. Olson},
-Bubo osvaldoi, new species, is described from three bones from a Pleistocene cave deposit in the Sierra de Galeras, Pinar del Río, western Cuba, with two additional paratypes referred from Baire in the province of Santiago de Cuba, in the eastern part of the island. The species is the only representative of the genus Bubo and the tribe Bubonini in the Antilles and in size was larger than any living owl. Resumen.•Se describe una especie nueva de buho. Bubo osvaldoi, de tres huesos del… Expand
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