A New Species of Microporella (Bryozoa, Cheilostomata) from Alaska

  title={A New Species of Microporella (Bryozoa, Cheilostomata) from Alaska},
  author={Tetsuo Suwa and Matthew H Dick and Shunsuke F. Mawatari},
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Abstract Microporella speciosa sp. nov. is described from Alaska, USA. The new species is characterized by the following combination of features: 1) semicircular orifice with slightly curved and faintly denticu-late proximal edge having a straight, shallow groove, 2) two distal oral spines, 3) laterally directed avicularian rostrum with a broad, channeled tip, 4) open frontal pores, and 5) completely calcified basal walls. Opercula, avicularian mandibles, the ancestrula, and early ontogeny are… Expand
Bryodiversity in the tropics: taxonomy of Microporella species (Bryozoa, Cheilostomata) with personate maternal zooids from Indian Ocean, Red Sea and southeast Mediterranean
Six species of Microporella with personate ovicells with remarkably different patterns of geographic distribution are analysed, possibly showing different potential for natural and/or anthropogenic dispersal. Expand
New cheilostome bryozoans from the Middle Miocene of Hokkaido, Japan, and the first fossil occurrences of Kubaninella and Hayamiellina gen. nov
Abstract Three new species and one new genus of cheilostome Bryozoa are described from the Kaigarabashi Sandstone Beds (Kunnui Formation, late Middle Miocene) of southwestern Hokkaido. These areExpand
Cheilostome Brood Chambers: Structure, Formation, Evolution
The data obtained show that cheilostome brooding evolved independently several times from modified mural spines, kenozooids, outgrowths of the zooid wall and fertilization envelopes, and that suborder Flustrina as currently conceived is considered polyphyletic. Expand


Revision of seven species of Microporella (Bryozoa, Cheilostomatida) from Hokkaido, Japan, using new taxonomic characters
In addition to the traditional taxonomic characters contained in the calcareous skeleton of mature zooids, other new characters from the chitinous appendages, ancestrulae, and early astogeny are introduced and recommended for standard descriptions. Expand
Intertidal Bryozoa (Cheilostomata) of the Kodiak vicinity, Alaska
Title Intertidal Bryozoa (Cheilostomata) of the Kodiak Vicinity, Alaska Author(s) Dick, Matthew H.; Ross, June R. P. Citation Occasional paper : Center for Pacific Northwest Studies, WesternExpand
Revision of seven species
  • 1998
The Bryozoa
  • “ Taxonomic Atlas of the Benthic Fauna of the Santa Maria Basin and Western Santa Barbara Channel Vol 13 ” Ed by
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Bryozoa from Heron Island, Great Barrier Reef. 2