A New Somewhat Homomorphic Encryption Scheme over Integers

  title={A New Somewhat Homomorphic Encryption Scheme over Integers},
  author={Hao-Miao Yang and Qi Xia and Xiao-Fen Wang and Dian-hua Tang},
  journal={2012 International Conference on Computer Distributed Control and Intelligent Environmental Monitoring},
At Eurocrypt 2010 van Dijk et al. presented a very simple somewhat homomorphic encryption scheme over the integers. However, this simplicity came at the cost of a public key size in Õ(λ<sup>10</sup>). Although at Crypto 2011 Coron et al. reduced the public key size to Õ(λ<sup>7</sup>), it was still too large for practical applications. In this paper we further reduce the public key size to Õ(λ<sup>3</sup>) by encrypting with a new form. The semantic security of our scheme is based on… CONTINUE READING

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