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A New Record of Nyctalus aviator in Guizhou Province

  title={A New Record of Nyctalus aviator in Guizhou Province},
  author={Yang Tian},
  journal={Chinese Journal of Zoology},
  • Yang Tian
  • Published 2012
  • Geography
  • Chinese Journal of Zoology
Two specimen of Vespertilionidae were collected from Jiajiu Township in Congjiang County,Guizhou Province,during a survey of bat species diversity in August,2010,which is identified as Nyctalus aviator and new record to Guizhou.Description as follows: Size large,thumb short with strong claw;calcar keeled;fur dense and velvety;color deep yellowish brown;upper inner incisor longer than outer incisor;the forearm length is 59.72-60.22 mm;tragus short and stubby;antitragus long and low;fifth finger… Expand
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