A New Possibility of the Generalized Two-Dimensional Correlation Spectroscopy. 1. Sample-Sample Correlation Spectroscopy

  title={A New Possibility of the Generalized Two-Dimensional Correlation Spectroscopy. 1. Sample-Sample Correlation Spectroscopy},
  author={Slobodan {\vS}a{\vs}iċ and Andrzej Muszyński and Yukihiro Ozaki},
  journal={Journal of Physical Chemistry A},
In this paper an extension of the generalized two-dimensional (2D) correlation spectroscopy, sample−sample correlation spectroscopy, is proposed to obtain the information about the species' perturbation-dependent dynamics. This is the first report of monitoring perturbation dynamics in the samples by generalized 2D approach. After the rows and columns of the experimental matrix are exchanged in a way that the spectral data set is arranged in rows, unlike the common case, the correlation between… 
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Effect of Noise on the Evaluation of Correlation Coefficients in Two-Dimensional Correlation Spectroscopy
Two-dimensional (2D) correlation spectroscopy was proposed by Noda in 19891 and was later extended to a generalized form and has been further exploited to study selective molecular interactions in a multi-component system.
Identification and Interpretation of Generalized Two-Dimensional Correlation Spectroscopy Features through Decomposition of the Perturbation Domain
These methods include reference patterns for two-dimensional correlation and correlation coefficient maps, their superposition and joint interpretation, and the use of delta functions to decompose them in the perturbation domain, which simplify the interpretation of two- dimensional correlation spectroscopy maps and facilitate access to their rich information content.
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Revealing System Dynamics through Decomposition of the Perturbation Domain in Two-Dimensional Correlation Spectroscopy
A technique is presented to simply and effectively decompose the perturbation domain in two-dimensional correlation maps calculated on a given set of vibrational spectra, exposing a wealth of kinetic information complementary to the information extracted from conventional 2D correlation spectroscopy.