A New Phloroglucinol Glycoside from Aster subulatus Michx

  title={A New Phloroglucinol Glycoside from Aster subulatus Michx},
  author={R. Ko and Min-Chul Kang and Bong-seok Kim and Jong-Heon Han and Gi-Ok Kim and N. Lee},
  journal={Bulletin of The Korean Chemical Society},
= 9.0, 9.0 Hz, H-4'') all showed axial-axial coupling constants, which suggested that all substituents in this hexose are in equatorial positions. Therefore, the sugar was identified as glucose. In butanoyl substituted phloroglucinols, the glucose unit can be attached to either 1-OH (3-OH) or 5-OH positions. If the substitution is made at 5-OH, it leads to a symmetric benzene nucleus, which show only four aromatic 
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