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A New Partial Order on SYT

  title={A New Partial Order on SYT},
  author={Gizem Karaali and Isabella Senturia and Muge Tacskin},
We define a new partial order on SY Tn, the set of all standard Young tableaux with n cells, by combining the chain order with the notion of horizontal strips. We prove various desirable properties of this new order. 


Properties of four partial orders on standard Young tableaux
  • Müge Taskin
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
    J. Comb. Theory, Ser. A
  • 2006
Three main results are proved: • Intervals in any of these four orders essentially describe the product in a Hopf algebra of tableaux defined by Poirier and Reutenauer, and the map sending a tableau to its descent set induces a homotopy equivalence of the proper parts of all of these orders on tableaux with that of the Boolean algebra 2[n-1].
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