A New Moment Method for Solving the Coagulation Equation for Particles in Brownian Motion

  title={A New Moment Method for Solving the Coagulation Equation for Particles in Brownian Motion},
  author={M. Yu and Jianzhong Lin and T. L. Chan},
  journal={Aerosol Science and Technology},
  pages={705 - 713}
  • M. Yu, Jianzhong Lin, T. L. Chan
  • Published 2008
  • Mathematics
  • Aerosol Science and Technology
  • A new numerical approach for solving coagulation equation, TEMOM model, is first presented. In this model, the closure of the moment equations is approached using the Taylor-series expansion technique. Through constructing a system of three first-order ordinary differential equations, the most important indexes for describing aerosol dynamics, including particle number density, particle mass and geometric standard deviation, are easily obtained. This approach has no prior requirement for… CONTINUE READING
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