A New Method for the Absolute Measurement of Resistance

  • Published 2011


The method of I^orenz is generally considered the best among the various methods that have been employed for the absolute measurement of resistance. It is ideal in its simplicity, and in its method of directly balancing a constant induced electromotive force against the fall of potential in the resistance to be determined. It has, however, a very serious limitation in the very small electromotive force generated, and in the appreciable thermoelectric forces produced at the sliding contacts. And if one were to attempt to get a tenfold greater precision than has hitherto been obtained in absolute resistance measurements by this method, it would probably be found that these sliding contact troubles would be very serious. In studying the problem of how to secure an accuracy at least ten times as great as has yet been done (for that is what is now demanded in order to keep pace with the possibilities in the absolute measurement of current) it occurred to me that a revolving coil, or two such coils, could be so disposed in the magnetic

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