A New Method for Path Finding of Power Transmission Lines in Geospatial Information System Using Raster Networks and Minimum of Mean Algorithm


Currently path-finding methods, which are widely used in GIS, rely on finding a path, which the sum of pixels' weights on the path would be less than the other paths. According to dependency between sum of pixels' weights and length of path, decrementing of sum of pixels' weights can not considered as a proper criterion for optimum path finding. In addition, path length is not regarded as an independent criterion in selecting a path. Therefore, in path finding, it is not possible to optimize the other parameter by changing the sum of pixels' weight parameter or path length. In this paper, a new algorithm so-called minimum of mean algorithm for finding the optimum path in Geospatial Information System (GIS) is presented. Based on this algorithm, the mean of pixels' weight is minimized. This criterion is independent of path length and the path length is considered as an independent parameter. The result of the aforesaid algorithm tends to find a path which crosses pixels with low weight and length of path is lower than a threshold. The mentioned algorithm has been applied on path finding of High Voltage Transmission lines located between Tabriz and Ahar cities in Iran and the produced outcomes have been compared to the results of conventional methods.

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