A New Method for Directly Embedding Animation into PDF


This paper presents a new approach for creating animations in Portable Document Format (PDF). The method of animation authoring described uses free software (pdfTEX) only. The animations are viewable by any viewer that supports at least some features of Acrobat JavaScript, particularly Adobe (Acrobat) Reader, which is available at no cost for a wide variety of platforms. Furthermore, the capabilities of PDF make it possible to have a single file with animations both for interactive viewing and printing. The paper explains the principles of PDF, Acrobat JavaScript and pdfTEX needed to create animations for Adobe Reader using no other software except pdfTEX. We present a step by step explanation of animation preparation, together with sample code, using a literate programming style. Finally, we discuss other possibilities of embedding animations into documents using open standards (SVG) and free tools, and conclude with their strengths and weaknesses with respect to the method presented.

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