A New MOS Phototransistor Operating in a Non-Destructive Readout Mode

  title={A New MOS Phototransistor Operating in a Non-Destructive Readout Mode},
  author={Kazuya Matsumoto and Tsutomu Nakamura and Atsushi Yusa and S. Nagai},
  journal={Japanese Journal of Applied Physics},
A new MOS phototransistor with high optical gain and non-destructive readout operation is proposed as a photosensor in an imaging device. The principle of this device is a conduction mechanism whereby an incident light changes the surface potential under the MOS gate and the electron current flowing in a buried channel is modulated by the surface potential. The device has a saturation exposure value of 0.1 lx·s, saturation output voltage of 500 mV at VDD=2 V, the dynamic range of 50 dB with no… 

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