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A New Lorenz System Parameter Determination Method and Applications

  title={A New Lorenz System Parameter Determination Method and Applications},
  author={Amalia Beatriz Or{\'u}e and Gonzalo {\'A}lvarez and Gerardo Pastor and Miguel Romera and Fausto Montoya and S. Li},
  journal={arXiv: Chaotic Dynamics},
This paper describes how to determine the parameter values of the chaotic Lorenz system from one of its variables waveform. The geometrical properties of the system are used firstly to reduce the parameter search space. Then, a synchronization-based approach, with the help of the same geometrical properties as coincidence criteria, is implemented to determine the parameter values with the wanted accuracy. The method is not affected by a moderate amount of noise in the waveform. As way of… 

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In this paper we describe a simple method to reveal the parameters of the Lorenz system from time series of the x1 or x2 variable of the Lorenz system. The method is numerically tractable and
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