A New Iterative Learning Controller for Electro-Pneumatic Servo System


The approach of combing the iterative learning control algorithm with a PID feedback loop is presented. The reasonable controller is designed and applied to electro-pneumatic servo system. The system is treated as an uncertain system with bounded uncertainties where the bounds are assumed known. It is able to accommodate smooth transition between different controllers without undue transient effects. Specifically in this work, the final controller, besides provide good position and pressure tracking abilities, also be able to obtain the good robustness. Simulation results show the scheme is valid.

DOI: 10.1109/ISDA.2008.226

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@article{Yu2008ANI, title={A New Iterative Learning Controller for Electro-Pneumatic Servo System}, author={Shaojuan Yu and Jincai Bai and Shibo Xiong and Rucheng Han}, journal={2008 Eighth International Conference on Intelligent Systems Design and Applications}, year={2008}, volume={3}, pages={101-105} }