A New Implmentation and Detailed Study of Breakpoint Analysis

  title={A New Implmentation and Detailed Study of Breakpoint Analysis},
  author={Bernard M. E. Moret and Stacia K. Wyman and David A. Bader and Tandy J. Warnow and Mi Yan},
  journal={Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing. Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing},
Phylogenies derived from gene order data may prove crucial in answering some fundamental open questions in biomolecular evolution. Yet very few techniques are available for such phylogenetic reconstructions. One method is breakpoint analysis, developed by Blanchette and Sankoff for solving the "breakpoint phylogeny." Our earlier studies confirmed the usefulness of this approach, but also found that BPAnalysis, the implementation developed by Sankoff and Blanchette, was too slow to use on all… CONTINUE READING
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