A New History of Shinto, and: Rethinking Medieval Shintō. Special issue of Cahiers d'Extrême-Asie (16) (review)

  title={A New History of Shinto, and: Rethinking Medieval Shintō. Special issue of Cahiers d'Extr{\^e}me-Asie (16) (review)},
  author={Kate Wildman Nakai},
  journal={Monumenta Nipponica},
  pages={159 - 164}
A transformation has taken place in English-language studies on Shinto in recent years as new perspectives have challenged its image as Japan’s enduring indigenous religion, rooted in an archaic animistic nature worship. This image, with its presumption of continuity between ancient and modern beliefs about kami and ritual practices and its elision of the complex impact of Buddhism, is often seen as the doing of early modern and modern nativists. It also owes much, however, to the approaches… 



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This is the only book to date offering a critical overview of Shinto from early times to the modern era, and evaluating Shinto's place in Japanese religious culture. In recent years, a few books on

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