A New Gobiid Fish, Fusigobius signipinnis, from the Western Tropical Pacific

  title={A New Gobiid Fish, Fusigobius signipinnis, from the Western Tropical Pacific},
  author={Douglass F. Hoese and Yasushi Obika},
  journal={Japanese Journal of Ichthyology},
  • D. Hoese, Yasushi Obika
  • Published 15 December 1988
  • Environmental Science, Biology
  • Japanese Journal of Ichthyology
An undescribed goby has been collected from several localities in the western troplcal Pacific, from Japan to Australia. This species is described as a new species,Fusigobius signiplnnis. It differs from other species ofFusigobius in pectoral ray counts, colouration, largely separate pelvic fins, and shape of the first dorsal fin. The species is found in groups on sand, frequently flicking its first dorsal fin. Males are larger than females in mean size. Sex ratios are uneven, and females are… 

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