A New Genus of Terrestrial Algæ

  title={A New Genus of Terrestrial Alg{\ae}},
  author={Felix Eugene Fritsch},
IN the damper hothouses of the Cambridge Botanical Gardens, there occurs in some quantity a green alga growing on fragments of oolitic limestone. It constitutes a new genus (Cladophorella) of Cladophoraceæ, and its discovery is of interest from several points of view. Pieces of the same kind of oolitic rock are present in some of the cooler houses, as well as in parts of the rock garden; moreover, a very similar material has been used in the construction of many of the Cambridge colleges. A… 
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An Ecological and Taxonomic 1Accohn.t of the Algae of a Semi-marine Cavern, Paradise CaveQueensland
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