A New Generation of Women?: How Female ROTC Cadets Negotiate the Tension between Masculine Military Culture and Traditional Femininity

  title={A New Generation of Women?: How Female ROTC Cadets Negotiate the Tension between Masculine Military Culture and Traditional Femininity},
  author={Jennifer M. Silva},
  journal={Social Forces},
  pages={937 - 960}
The inclusion of women in the U.S. military is generally understood as radically transforming traditional gender relations. Drawing from 38 interviews with women and men in the Reserve Officers' Training Corps, I ask: how do women negotiate gender identities within the "masculine" military institution, and what types of transformations in their gender ideology and practices does this negotiation entail? I find that ROTC women's transformative agency is limited by the cultural imperative of… 
  • Sociology
  • 2010
The masculine culture of military and the feminine attributes of women officers stand in total contrast to each other. The conundrum at the heart if this research is to analyse the experience of the
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