A New Friedelane Type Triterpene from Euonymus hederaceus

  title={A New Friedelane Type Triterpene from Euonymus hederaceus},
  author={Cui Rong Sun and He-jiao Hu and Run-sheng Xu and Jiehong Yang and Hai-tong Wan},
  pages={2650 - 2655}
Euonymus hederaceus is distributed widely in the south of China; its stems and leaves have been used as folk medicines to treat many diseases such as renal deficiency and chronic diarrhea, traumatic injury, and abnormal menstruation. Chemical investigation of the leaves and stems of Euonymus hederaceus resulted in the isolation for the first time and characterization of a new friedelane type triterpene with a molecular mass of 472 and molecular formula of C30H48O4 by high resolution mass… 

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