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A New Flavan-4-ol Glycoside from Pronephrium triphyllum

  title={A New Flavan-4-ol Glycoside from Pronephrium triphyllum},
  author={Gao You-heng},
Objective To study the chemical constituents of Pronephrium triphyllum.Methods The chemical constituents in the plant were isolated and purified with silica gel and Sephadex LH-20.Their structures were identified by analyses of spectral data and physicochemical properties.Results Six compounds were isolated and identified as shelincaoide A(1),n-butyl-β-D-fructopyranoside(2),triphyllin A(3),6,7-di-hydroxycoumarin(4),daucosterol(5),and β-sitosterol(6),respectively.Conclusion Compound 1 is found… Expand

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Chemical and chemotaxo nomical studies of Filices . LXI . Chemical studies on the constituents of Pronephrium triphyllum Holtt
  • Chem Pharm Bull
  • 1985